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Most coaches lead busy lives, dedicating themselves to helping others focus on their future and their goals, acting as a crucial support to so many individuals and organisations – we thought it was time that the coaches themselves got some extra tools to enable them to continue their fine work. Find your nearst Coaching Community...

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Coaching Communities offer a great place where like-minded people can grow their ideas and solve problems through discussion and debate of real-life scenarios, and sharing tried and tested resources. Look at out Calendar for upcoming communities...

Welcome to Coaching Communities

Bring coaches together in the pursuit of excellence

Active Practice

Develop your own coaching ideas and theories by taking part in active workshops and discussions with other coaching professionals. Active discussion on current coaching issues ensures you’re at the top of your game!

Coaching Questions

Got a coaching query you need help with? Unsure how to tackle your latest challenge? Receive advice and support from a host of talented coaches from different backgrounds and disciplines.

Building Skills

Coaching Communities provides a forum of online discussion and debate in which coaches can build on their skills and develop their practice, as well as discovering new insight.

What are Coaching Communities

Coaching Communities is an online community base for coaches of all kinds looking to develop their skills through collaborative analysis, idea sharing, practice, discussion and evaluation – whether you specialise in personal, life or executive, whether you’re a seasoned coach or just starting your career, all different backgrounds, styles and approaches are welcomed.

Two heads are always better than one, and practice makes perfect – Coaching Communities strives to support coaches by providing a collaborative platform on which coaches can collect inspirational ideas, practice techniques, ask for advice, turn problems into opportunities, and discuss their plans from concept to fruition – all amongst a budding group of like minded coaching professionals!

– Bev JamesCEO, The Coaching Academy